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Black Friday Deals

by James C
Black Friday Deals

SAVE BIG with BFCM Deals!

Agent Ink is now offering major discounts on all merchandise site-wide, as well as online store bundles for new clients.

Agent Ink Apparel is excited to announce that we are going BIG this year for Black Friday! As of today, Tuesday the 26th, we are offering 50% off ALL our online store bundles found here, and 20% off on all products site-wide! 

Use code Cyber20 for 20% off your order right now!

Offers valid thru 11/26/19-12/2/19

This is the absolute lowest these prices have ever been. It's pure insanity.

Besides these insane deals, why choose Agent Ink? What makes us special?..

Personal Designer
Work hand-in-hand with one of our talented designers to craft the ultimate apparel line to enhance your brand.  

Premium Quality
Our apparel is manufactured using the highest quality fabrics & state of the art printing techniques, ensuring that each item meets or exceeds your expectations. 

Unparalleled Turnaround Times
We have some of the fastest production times in the industry at 7-10 days for Custom Basic Apparel, and 10-15 days for Custom Pro Apparel.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment
We offer a turn-key merchandising experience by providing an automated store management and order fulfillment process designed to help you and your business grow.

Low Risk Experience
We work on a Print-on-Demand basis, meaning we print our orders at the time they are received, rather than ahead of time. By doing so, we have eliminated the risks of inventory for our clients, and have drastically reduced the upfront cost. 

Transparent Sales Reports
We have partnered with BottleSpark to provide an online dashboard for our storekeepers with transparent analytics and sales reports.

About Us
Agent Ink Apparel was founded in 2017 by Joey Nowlin. The initial idea for Agent Ink came after he had won a jersey design contest for a professional Esports team. He quickly realized his knack for designing jerseys and attracted many of his first clients solely based on the style of his design. He named his design agency "Agent Ink" and began selling his designs to teams across the amateur Esports scene. These teams would take the design and have it printed by a third party apparel company. After seeing how the companies printed his jersey designs, Joey was extremely disappointed. The color was off, the fit all wrong, and the collar too tight. That is when he decided he was going to do it right. After a few phone calls, he had acquired a manufacturer and distribution partner. No longer would Agent Ink be just a design agency. In late 2017, he officially registered the company under Agent Ink Apparel, LLC and began embarking on the journey he and Agent Ink are still on today.

Our Mission
We aim to provide a premium merchandising solution for collegiate and amateur Esports teams, as well as individual influencers across the gaming world. Our goal is to craft the ultimate apparel line for our clients, establish an online store, and manage order fulfillment, ensuring they never have to lift a finger. In order to achieve this, we handle the design, online store management, and order fulfillment process through a print-on-demand model. By doing so, we have eliminated the risks of inventory for our clients, and have drastically reduced the upfront costs of merchandising while still maintaining a quality end product.

In support of this mission, we work hard to cultivate a company culture of ongoing growth and success, not only in the quality of our products and services, but also through the development of new programs, community events, and initiatives. 

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