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About Agent Ink

At Agent Ink, we’re not your ordinary merchandising company. We’re a tight-knit team of creative thinkers, artists, and innovators who are passionate about bringing creators characters and personalities to life through premium, unique merchandise drops that bring joy into the world! We believe content creator merch should be just as unique and exciting as you are, and we’re dedicated to making that a reality. From custom plushies and dakimakuras to our iconic VHoodies and Big Tails, our products are the epitome of you-nique. We offer full-service merchandising solutions, taking care of everything from design to global distribution, and constantly push ourselves to improve as a team. In fact, we’re bringing even more incredible products and services to the table in 2023!

At Agent Ink we’re not just a another merchandising company; we’re your partners in creating the ultimate fan experience. 💜💜

Origin Story

Agent Ink was born in 2019, founded by Joey Nowlin — an artist, content creator, and graphic designer with a passion for exceptional design. Originally it started out as boutique design agency with a team of four artists but Joey's pursuit of a better customer experience led him to realize the need to not only oversee the design, but also the production of the merchandise. Years of dedication and growth later, Agent Ink has blossomed into a thriving creative force, collaborating with over 100+ inkredible partners, handling all merchandise design, production, and order fulfillment.

Meet The Dream Team!

Joey Nowlin 🕹️🧠🥡


Joey spends his days coming up with new ways to innovate and evolve the Agent Ink brand, our offerings, and the way we execute.

Fun Facts

Outside of video games, art, and entrepreneurship, Joey is obsessed with retro-futuristic aesthetics, neuroscience, mental wellness, and above all else... really really good Pad Thai.

Justyne Rose 🔮🐈🗡️

Chief Operating Officer

Justyne oversees all Agent Ink operations on a day-to-day basis, ensuring Agent Ink is firing on all cylinders.

Fun facts

Beyond being the super glue that keeps Agent Ink together, Justyne is a certified health coach, legit cat lady, and DIE-HARD fantasy lover.

Gemma Geddess

Supply Chain Manager

Gemma oversees all order fulfillment and supply chain logistics ensuring partners and their communities have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Fun Facts

Elena Serrano 🐱🎨🚴‍♀️

Art Director

Elena oversees the Agent Ink design team and works closely with our partners to craft the perfect merch for their community.

Fun facts

A curious cat that likes experimentation. While Elena likes to tell wholesome fantasy tales with her watercolors, she's also a big fan of dystopian and dark stories. She loves games, cycling and rollerblades.

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Deivi 🎨 🎥 🎞️

Fashion Designer

Deivi works with hand-in-hand with partners to bring dreams to reality in ways that merge luxury fashion design with fan merch.

Fun Facts

Outside of fashion design, Deivi also has a deep love for photography and filmmaking.

Whenever he's not dreaming up designs, you’ll often find him with a camera in hand, exploring the world through through his lens!

Dara Jati 🎨 ✨ 🪷

Graphic Designer

Dara works with partners directly, crafting up original assets including logos, illustrations, and sublimation print files, ensuring an incredible merch experience!

Fun Facts

Outside of mastering the art of sublimation design, Dara enjoys walking around and live sketching. She often finds herself in unusual places, searching for hidden beauty.

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