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WSU Store Set to Launch

by James C
WSU Store Set to Launch

WSU Store Set to Launch

Agent Ink Announces Wichita State University Esports Store will go live 9/25/19

Agent Ink Apparel is excited to announce the launch date of the Wichita State University Esports Online Storefront.

As of today, the WSU Esports online store is set to go live at midnight CST, September 25th. This launch coincides with Agent Ink becoming the Official Outfitters for the Wichita State University Varsity Esports team, announced earlier this month.

Wichita State University Varsity Overwatch Team competes at the YMCA Late Night Esports Event on 9/14/19 

The Online Store will provide faculty, staff, students, and the community a way to support the program and develop a sense of pride for the team. As Esports Coordinator Tyler Levesque said it best "A marketplace that displays and sells our merchandise was such a crucial step in solidifying Wichita State Esports. The ability to see our jerseys with the Wichita State logo prominently displayed on the front emanates a huge sense of pride for our students and the program".

Once the online store goes live, the official jersey will be available for purchase featuring the official varsity design and the opportunity for customization on the back of the jersey. The featured design is the direct result of some brilliant synergy between Agent Ink and the WSU Esports program. "I really enjoyed the WSU Esports graphics seen on their social media. The iconic repeating lines in yellow on a black background just looked so sharp as is, not to mention its extremely dynamic. I really wanted to stay true to that and more than anything, accurately portray it on a jersey in a cohesive way." said Joey Nowlin, CEO of Agent Ink Apparel. The two organizations clearly agreed on this vision, and the rest was history!

An interesting fact regarding this partnership is Joey's connection with Wichita, where the university is based. Joey was born, raised, and currently resides in Wichita. In fact, its where he founded Agent Ink Apparel. "Wichita as a city has a culture of investing in its own. Working with Joey, who is local to Wichita, allows us as a program to continue to build upon that culture. We are so excited to enter into a partnership with Agent Ink and are eager to deliver new products and designs in the near future" said Tyler.

Why Apparel, Why now?
"Collegiate Esports is progressing at a very rapid pace. As the coordinator, I wanted to ensure whenever we are out in public competing in LAN’s, volunteering, or donating our time that we were branded properly. Also, these varsity players work extremely hard to play at a very high level and there is a level of pride that is attained when they have the opportunity to wear the WSU logo across their chest and compete on behalf of their university. Why not now? This is a great way to support the program and the students involved." - Tyler Levesque

RRoni from the WSU Rocket League Team at the YMCA Late Night Esports Event on 9/14/19

About the Program
The official varsity program at Wichita State started in January of this year. "We started with two official teams in Overwatch and Rocket League. At that time, we had 10 varsity players in a room with 7 Cybertron computers." said Tyler. Fast forward 9 months and the program is close to finishing thier "Esports Hub" on campus that will house 20 Cybertron gaming computers, along with two more gaming titles. The team has grown too with up to 29 Varsity players spanning four gaming titles, volunteer analysts and coaches for all the teams, a student run content team, and a Wichita State TV developing all things media related. This team is no joke when it to gameplay either. "We compete in a variety of collegiate leagues and are looking to attend more LAN’s and the semester progresses." - Tyler Levesque

What Students Need to Know
"Collegiate Esports is one of if not the fastest growing sport within the realm of higher education. Anyone can compete. Anyone can tryout. Not everyone makes the team but there are many avenues in which you can be plugged into Esports on campus if you don’t make a varsity roster. Wichita State is moving in the right direction. If I am a graduating senior, why not come to Wichita State?" - Tyler Levesque

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